Washington County Perfidy

To whom it must concern:
It has gone without saying for far too long; that the most substantive right the Citizens of a constitutional republic have, is the right to government that comports its conduct within the paradigm of said Constitution(s)! In the utter absence of empirical evidence that the promise of just government is being kept, Our Constitution is void of fulfillment, saying “No one is above the law!” is bombastic hype, and oaths of office don’t mean shit... (Read more. . .)

To: Chris J. Wynes, 102 North Missouri Street, 2nd floor-Courthouse, Potosi, MO 63664
I won’t be attending your little rigged drama, you fucking hypocrite! It is a foregone conclusion that judge Hyde is biased and corrupt and will rule in your favor in spite of his oath of office. I know this for a fact because judge Hyde has already stomped all over my vested rights, as evinced by the illicit Warrant for “Failure to Appear” by which you bastards claim personam jurisdiction over me. (Read more. . . )

There is no such thing as a lawfully self-issued license of any kind. A “licensor” is the person, who, having competent  authority to prohibit the action the license allows and power to regulate the privilege conferred, grants license to the “licensee.” By definition: licensor and licensee are never one and the same person, agent, or agency.  (Read more. . . )